Reply To: Updates on Formation of a Guild

  • Julie

    February 1, 2024 at 5:34 pm
    • This Feb 1st 2024 session focused a bit about the educational resource survey lead by Clare Strawn and a lot about supporting Quinn Gerald with his Open Space Regenerate Cascadia Bioregional Learning And Education event Feb 17th. We discussion how to invite presenters and facilitators, how to resource and support small group breakouts with note takers and recorders for Miro and Reportbacks and what to do with the harvest afterwards and gathering follow ups to support communities locally and bioregionally.
    • Zoom Recording Passcode: 4Ey7?@JM – for Transcript, AI Summary, AI Next Steps and chat.
    • Youtube is up too. UPDATE 2-5-24: Also posted videos on Reportback – see on Latest Updates on the home page.
    • Jan completed a Reportback here on 2/5/24.
    • Stewards can Share a Reportback (found under Start Here > Organizer Tools) which posts on Latest Updates (home page.)
    • Julie will create the survey from Clare’s work on Regenerative Educational Resource assets in Cascadia and Brandon will review it. Then this Guild group will review and iterate the survey as needed before distribution and invitation to take the survey via iegenerate Cascadia Newsletter.
    • Story telling’s importance was discussed.