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Reply To: Open Space planning: Bioregional Learning and Education

  • Paul

    January 7, 2024 at 12:36 pm

    This is a great query, perhaps Jon could on-board here, and describe what specific outcomes would create value for his endeavors (info-share).

    One simple strategy would be to center the participants and an understanding of their needs over either OneWorld or RegenCascadia.

    Naming can be useful. I wonder if this is a “Bioregional Education Symposium” and we could have an invitational question, like “what forms of education are necessary for us to regenerate the bioregion?” As part of defining this broad amoeba of BioRegEd??

    A “symposium” has a long historical, and current professional development vibe. But using open space becomes submersed as the method and more the hook then the bait, a surprise, rather than the center of the event name. “Open Space“ also has meaning in the “planning“ professional world as any land that is not dominated by human development which could be confusing :-). This we are playing de-centralizing games and reclaiming symposium, while maximizing legibility.