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Reply To: How do we organize discussions within the guild?

  • Julie

    January 4, 2024 at 6:43 pm

    Thanks for responding Paul. At first I wondered why you were talking about posts (blog posts) and categories. Ah! I see. You were responding to my question ‘posted” here 2 above also. (unlike Telegram where you can reply to a message, hmmm?)

    So, you agree with my assessment of Discussion threads for projects (for example) being initiated by members of the group (Clare, Quinn, etc). I think others here may agree too?

    As for blog posts. I am thinking of your not seeing need for recordings mentioned in today’s meeting. From your comments I wonder if you would rather we not make blog posts of Meetings? I could still make meetings on YouTube available/posted on the groups, as a resource, but Brandon has given me the task to make blog posts of them. Do you have other thoughts? anyone? Are meetings valuable info and appropriate for blog posts?

    As for categories, I used the group name and made a new category. I wonder if this helps it show up on the groups page? Probably not – its under MEETING REPORTBACKS on our page – however, so do the other 2 blog posts that are not part of this BE group. I need to think about categories more.