Bioregional Education

Reply To: How do we organize discussions within the guild?

  • Julie

    January 4, 2024 at 5:09 pm

    Is this the right place for these thoughts? Sub-groups vs Discussion/Forum Threads. If I am to help groups (Website Group Discussions from Telegram Groups?), I need to make sure that the new idea (came up today in BE* Meeting today 1/4/24) makes sense in practice; idea of making Discussion Forum Threads for Projects within a Group vs Sub groups to avoid siloed groups not talking nor aware of each other. Might be two questions:

      • Shall I make Telegram Threads into Discussion or Groups/Sub-Groups. Coffee House Conversation Telegram thread for example can be a sub-group of RC welcome group or a discussion thread. We seem to lean toward the later – discussions not sub-groups for projects.

      • Am I making the Bioregional Education Discussion Threads for projects? I think not. Clare S. for example would make a Discussion thread for Asset Mapping inside the *BE group here, and Quinn can make a Discussion thread about Open Space/Unconference plans, etc. I may make sub groups as they may emerge from active growing projects etc for example. Correct?

        I’ll leave this mixed message knowing some of this probably doesnt belong here ( should be website stuff).