Open Space Cascadia Learning Event

  • Paul Cereghino

    February 20, 2024 at 8:06 pm

    Thank you Julie. I appreciate it!

  • Julie

    February 21, 2024 at 11:00 am

    Open Space Breakout Discussion (2 of more):

    Here is the video of the 2 Breakouts I was part of: System Change (Session 1) and Learning Resources (Session 2). Find Session 2 starting at 39:00 minutes. Doris and I planned to represent the Survey(s) Clare Strawn co-created in her absence. However, because there were so many discussions offered, we combined ours with 2 others, by Jeffrey and Shawnda. Hopefully those who will help us design and add data to our surveys (by filling them out) will have more opportunities when they are ready here on the website (pending technical completion – not ready at the event). Quinn is also ready and able to email the Open Space participants. Also, I created a Welcome New People discussion pinned to the top in case more people join our Topic/Guild in formation.

    These are 2 of the Breakouts of a Zoom Open Space Event of Bioregional Learning and Education event from Feb 17th 2024. Find end of session 2 : System Change and the start of Session 2 : Community Learning Resources at minute 39:00. This video shows only the breakout groups that Julie was part of (recorded to her computer and uploaded here to youtube). Find our page and group discussion space and learn more about this Open Space event and the Cascadia Bioregional Learning and Education Guild (in formation at time of this recording) here:

    Using Miro for notetaking, each group had a scribe who shared a synthesis of their breakout sessions once we rejoined together in the big main room. The Synthesis and open space agenda making can be seen in another video. (Shall I link that here?) We had 2-3 breakout group discussions per session with 2 sessions split by a break for lunch through out this Open Space event day 10-4pm).

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