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Regenerate Cascadia is working to address the social and cultural causes of the climate crisis in an effort to undo the cultural and ecological damage caused by colonization and overconsumption.

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Cascadia Bioregional Summit

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Connecting communities and stewardship groups throughout the Cascadia bioregion

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There are so many people active and doing amazing work, who maybe aren’t even familiar with [others] a couple of miles away that are doing similar work.

We want to connect and empower people and enable those who are doing that work to do it more effectively.

How can we empower regenerative work happening in the Cascadia Bioregion, connect it with the resources it needs, for the long term regeneration of the Cascadia bioregion?

We are answering this question through an activation tour happening Sept 28-Oct 30, an online Bioregional Summit, which will be a capstone of this tour, Nov 3-12, and at which we will co-create what comes next together.

Throughout this process, we will also be focusing on mapping our movements, organizers and organizations that are active in the regeneration process, and documenting the lessons, stories of successes and struggles in different areas, to open up struggles for broader dialogue, and to share the lessons of what is working, both here within Cascadia, as well as others around the globe who are hoping to replicate these processes.

The changes we want to see in the world are already happening in our neighborhoods.

Let’s empower and connect that work so that every person can be part of a bioregional weaving.

SEP 28, 2023 - OCT 30, 2023
Cascadia Bioregional Activation Tour
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A Network of Bio-regional Weavers

Paving the way to new governance and regenerative finance ecosystems

We are creating a bioregional blueprint for a Cascadia Department of Bioregion for the long term stewardship of the Cascadia Bioregion.

This includes developing bioregional learning centers, informational commons, and growing organizing hubs in each watershed, and connecting on the ground land stewardship and frontline communities, as a part of a planetary network of bioregions, that serve as a intermediary to cocreate and connect new ways of governance and regenerative finance ecosystems.

Together, we make the change from extractive to regenerative system

  • If you are already doing something, and want to connect with like-minded people.
  • If you feel the urgency and would want to do more.
  • If you are ready to step outside the nation state box.

We’ll work together to build the alternative system we need for what comes next.

The planet needs us and we need her.

SEP 28, 2023 - OCT 30, 2023
Cascadia Bioregional Activation Tour
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A Network of Bio-regional Weavers

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